Why we start

Founded in August 2021, Mensclo is a brand born from the concept of living in the present, dedicated to exploring the latest interesting expressions of daily comfortable wear, advocating that people neither live in the past nor live in the future, everything they experience should be focused on the present, and always stay curious and fresh to the world.

Who we are

Mensclo focuses on developing comfortable and energetic young men's clothing, and is committed to selecting the most comfortable wear closely related to the daily life of young people, exploring the interesting expression of the current design, and integrating the characteristic design into the basic shape and comfortable fabrics. At present, it is mainly sold to more than 10 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and is loved by the young who can convey a positive attitude towards life through their outfits

What we pursue

Mensclo believes that living in the present is the key to growth and development, and hopes that the brand can lead consumers to embrace a better mindset,to find excitement and inspire new fun in their lives on any occasion. We also aim to be a brand that brings new ideas and positive attitudes to our customers.
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